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I am a SharePoint Administrator, and have worked with several Engineering Companies in the Houston area on their SharePoint implementations.

I am not a SharePoint consultant, I do not own my own company, I just seriously love SharePoint. My only two thoughts regarding SharePoint are 1 – “why didn’t someone do this sooner?” and 2 – “why doesn’t everyone use SharePoint?”

I am not a SharePoint Architect, although I have built several farms.

I am not a SharePoint Developer. I do know just enough about coding though that I can bend some things in SharePoint to my will.

I am not an MVP, there are no initials that go behind my last name.  However several well respected people in the SharePoint community do know who I am, and will ask me about SharePoint on occasion, and I have absolutely no problem hitting them up when I run into roadblocks.

My SharePoint training came from the C-TREC Hilton Academy here in Houston, which was basically a 5 day crash course on SharePoint Administration for MOSS 2007. I have not taken the test to earn an MCTS, although I am certain I would earn it if I took the test.

Currently I work for a company that provides software to support SharePoint Administrators as a Quality Assurance tester. I think they like what I do.

I am a father to a wonderful son, who wants to follow in my footsteps and be a famous musician and an astrophysicist. (Something got lost in translation I think.)

I am a husband to a wonderful wife, who is one of only about 80 people in the world certified in CadWorx 3D Design for AutoCAD. (Thus all of my AutoCAD and SharePoint posts.)




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