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July 19, 2013

SharePoint Blog Theft – If you do it, you suck.

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The SharePoint community is huge, and somehow all of us are friendly and sociable with each other, even if we work for rival companies. Many of us in the SharePoint community also have blogs where we share our experiences and try to help each other out.  SharePoint may not be as complex as a Turbo Encabulator, but it is still pretty complex. There is one thing that drives the SharePoint bloggers nuts though, and that is content thieves.

I’m not an MVP. I haven’t written a book. I’m not special or a superhero in the SharePoint community, and I have a SharePoint Blog. (The one you happen to be reading right now, as a matter of fact.) There is one thing that I have not done in my blog, and never will. I have never copied someone else’s content as my own. I may reference other SharePoint blogs in my posts from time to time, but I always give credit where credit is due. If you have a SharePoint blog where you share your experiences, issues, problems, solutions, recommendations, and advice; Good for you! We can all benefit from your knowledge. If you have a SharePoint blog that does not have a shred of your own content, but is instead a conglomeration of articles from other people’s SharePoint blogs, chances are you are not well liked in the community. If work with SharePoint, and cannot come up with your own content for a blog, then perhaps you either don’t actually work with SharePoint, or at the very least you shouldn’t have a blog about it.  I started my SharePoint blog based on my experience from the maddening frustration of working with SharePoint 2007 and AutoCAD. When I started working at an ISV, I still ran into some issues and blogged about those. After I left the ISV and became a SharePoint Admin again out in the real world, I wrote about some of what I learned while at the ISV.  It may be knowledge gained from other people in my experience, but it is strictly my interpretation. I’m not ashamed to say that I learned what I know from someone else.

In short, if you can’t come up with your own content for your blog and have to copy everyone else’s work, then KNOCK IT OFF! (It might not hurt for you to go back and look at some of your old blog posts either. When the SharePoint bloggers find out about it, they have a habit of changing the images that you shamelessly copied, URL and all, to images that you probably don’t want associated with you. This is also bandwidth theft, you moron.)

So basically to sum it up. If you have a SharePoint blog, rock on! You are part of what makes the SharePoint community great! If you have a SharePoint blog that is all someone else’s content, you suck and STFU!*

* STFU does not stand for SharePoint Technical Framework University, yet.



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