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October 2, 2009

Shameless plug? You bet! (By the way I’m employed again.)

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In a weird way I guess you could say that I got a sponsor for this site.  There is good and bad with this.  First we’re going to get all of the good things out of the way.

  • I have a job again, that pays actual money. (Not the funny colored stuff you see in board games.)
  • My job is working with SharePoint. (No I’m not going to be a janitor anywhere, although I suppose there is some sort of cleanup involved.)
  • I will be able to address more SharePoint users issues than my previous experience allowed. (Now it’s not just what I discover on my own, I will use input from you, my readers, as well.)
  • I will have access to better tools to test and tweak those little things that I do find so that I can answer your questions better.

Now the bad news;

  • I will be working for a company that produces SharePoint features. (proprietary non disclosure agreement.)
  • I will be limited in what I can and can’t say here, depending on whether the company offers a solution or not. (proprietary non disclosure agreement.)
  • I can’t advocate using a competitors product. (you wouldn’t sell Pepsi if you worked for Coca-Cola would you?)
  • I’m going to sell the solutions that we provide, if it is a solution to your issue.

I hope you understand, and realize that I will likely be bound by agreements, and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardize this opportunity.  It took me too long to find this work. I like the comments that I receive, good and bad, and I love little bit of traffic that I do get, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to disclose any “industry secrets.”


I’m not going to tell you who I’m going to be working for yet, as I still need to find out what the rules are, and what it means to my little blog here.  Keep watching for a logo to pop-up on the right though, because if I can, I’m going to put a link to it here.  With this job, I may even be on my way to being an MS-MVP. (Yeah, I laughed too, there’s no way I would be.) Just to give you a hint though, I can tell you who I’m not working for.  I’m not working for Bamboo Solutions, SharePoint Solutions, or AvePoint. As soon as I do have something substantial to post from my newfound career, I promise you will be the first to know.


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