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September 29, 2008

Foiled again! DWGTrueView’s evil ways.

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Well damn it all to hell! I thought I had a viable fix working.  Nope.  It turns out that those registry edits I had mentioned don’t do a damned bit of good when it comes to DWGTrueView trying to jack with Internet Explorer. Read on for the latest with that mess.  (I’m seriously contemplating finding out where Autodesk’s home offices are located and calling in a bomb threat!)

Well I got those registry edits together for each of the versions of True View, stuck them all into an .inf file, and then created a batch file to deploy that file to our users through our network.  Before we deployed it I tested it on one of our users machines.  It worked and didn’t cause any errors. I was thinking I had it made.  I then went into our SharePoint site, and clicked on a test AutoCAD drawing.  Much to my dismay I was presented with the White Screen of Nothing.  So apparently, even though the registry edits worked on my machine, they don’t work.  And this brings me right back to square one.  I am getting ready to sit down with my IT manager to try and figure out a solution that we can use.  This is going to be a long discussion, especially since I had to send an e-mail to a department head today stating that we had to wait.  He is itching to start using SharePoint for AutoCAD drawings, and it would be great, if not for that TrueView issue.  We may have to beat up on our CAD support team, (who incidentally doesn’t like SharePoint for some unknown reason,) to get them to let us uninstall True View and install eDrawings instead.  The only reason that I am told that we still use True View is for some other Autodesk software called “Design Review.”  Apparently Design Review cannot open a .dwg file, but can only open a .dwf file.  Also supposedly, AutoCAD cannot save a file as a .dwf but only as a .dwg.  That is where True View comes in. From what I have been told, Design Review has a dependency on True View.  Normally I wouldn’t care either way, with the exception that True View DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!(pant, pant, pant.)  So, for those users that I suggested using registry edits for? Forget it.  My answer now lies in convincing my company’s upper management that Autodesk is not all that it is cracked up to be, or to bite the bullet and open a trouble ticket with them, that will cost thousands for them to tell us, “use Buzzsaw.”  The developers over at Autodesk had better get with the program.  My recommendation to any users of Autodesk products is this.  Use Bentley products instead.  Use any other CAD design software instead.  Hell, use Microsoft Visio instead, because Autodesk can’t see past their own $3,000 licenses to realize that their craptastic software is actually the cause of the problem, not just the symptom.  When it comes to ActiveX controls for Internet Explorer, Autodesk missed the point.  I think that they need to go visit with the guys at Adobe to see how it’s done right, and before they release a “feature,” they need to make sure that it’s not bugged all to hell.  Autodesk, you blew it, yet again.  I don’t have a say as far as which products my company uses, but if I did, Autodesk would have just lost a company that purchases nearly 100 licenses a year, if not more.  I’m off to that meeting to get my head ripped off now.  Wish me luck.



  1. Autodesk prohibit users from opening dwg files from IE to promote their Buzzsaw? really evil.

    Comment by Zhang Mingquan — November 24, 2008 @ 1:25 am

  2. Zhang, well, not exactly. You can open a DWG file hosted in IE as long as you do not have DWG TrueView installed. That seems to be where the problem lies. Autodesk can’t seem to get it right with that “solution.”

    Comment by slinger — November 24, 2008 @ 7:03 am

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