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April 8, 2008

Custom Workflow in Publishing Portal creates an issue

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Found this one by accident today, but it is worth noting.   In our MOSS site, some of our internal users use the publishing portal features.  Not a big deal.  I have created a workflow that automates copying files from one subsite to another subsite for some of our external users so that we don’t have cross contamination of our documentation.  Sounds great, except for one little thing.  There is a bug that is not openly addressed by Microsoft.

Here’s what we have going on.  We have clients and vendors who access our MOSS site.  We don’t want our clients to see each other’s information, which is easily handled by permissions.  We also have vendors to provide our clients with products.  This is not unusual and our clients basically ask us to do the vendor dirty work.  We may have a vendor that works with more than one client at a time.  We don’t want our vendors to see each other’s information also.  What we decided to do, instead of item level permissions all over the site, was to create a site unique to each vendor.  The problem is, we needed to get information from our client sites to our vendor sites.  We could upload it manually, but that would jsut create extra work for our team, and something may get overlooked.  So I created a workflow using a tool off of codeplex. (You can read about it in an earlier post, here.)  It worked great.  The workflow checks two metadata items in our client’s vendor document library, and if those conditions match, it creates a copy of the file in a dedicated document library for our vendors.  Then we add the publishing features to the client site, and we run into trouble.  We could upload a file, but we couldn’t check it in.  Any time that we tried to edit the properties of the file to poplulate the required metadata items, we were presented with SharePoint’s oh so friendly generic error message.  I don’t know if this was handled in a service pack or not, but I needed a solution that was quicker to implement than a service pack.  I looked online and it seems that at one time there was a hotfix for this problem.  Unfortunately it is not officially supported by Microsoft so it is not available online.  If you run into this issue, and you need it fixed, you’re going to have to call Microsoft support and ask them to send you the hotfix.  It was under Knowledgebase Article 933819, and you will need to ask for the hotfix referenced in this article.  I got it and installed it and lo and behold, I don’t get the error message anymore.  Please note, that this hotfix is not officially supported by Microsoft, so if you screw up your installation, they won’t help you.  I won’t be able to help you either, you’ll be on your own.  (This hotfix cannot be uninstalled, so once you install it, if you mess something up, your reinstalling your whole set up.)


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