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March 31, 2008

Autodesk’s answer to True View doesn’t work either.

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If you have been following along, you will know that I happened across an article in Autodesk’s knowledge base that describes a “solution” to the issue of DWG True View and Internet Explorer.  That KB article is here.  Since I wasn’t having much luck anywhere else, I figured I would try to give it a shot, thinking maybe I could code something that would link to a document library and we might have a kludgy work around to the issue. 

Here’s what I did; I found one of the AutoCAD files in a document library and right clicked on it, then copied the shortcut to it to use in a minute or two.  According to the article you can use the “Embed” tag or the “Object” tag, depending on browser.  They recommend using the “Object” tag for Internet Explorer, and the “Embed” tag for Mozilla based browsers.  Well, using Firefox, there are no issues, and the DWG files behave as they should.  The problem is, SharePoint is leveraged for Internet Explorer. (It still works in Firefox, but you lose much of the functionality.)  So I figured I would try both options and see how they did.  First up, the Embed tag.  I went into my playground site and added a “Content Editor” web part.  Then I added the following code to it.

<div align=”center”>
     <embed src=”http://link to DWG file”>

Then I clicked Apply and I got some disappointing results.  I got a pretty white box in my white page that was about 200 by 200 pixels.  You were given an option to “Click here to activate this control,” but that was it.  So the “Embed” tag was a wash.  Well, that was what they recommended for Mozilla browsers, let’s try that other tag.  I used the exact same code as above, but instead of “Embed” i used “Object.”  The results for this were similar, with the exception that the box had gone from about 200 pixels to about 10 pixels, and that was the only difference.  I could still click to activate the control, but it didn’t do any damned good.  Of course I’m not up on the usage of the “Object” tag and my syntax may suck.  Just to be sure, I used the syntax they recommended in the KB article. 

<param name=”src” value=”Link to DWG”>
<param name=”Appearance” value=”0″>
<param name=”BackgroundColor” value=”#FFFFFF”>
<param name=”BorderStyle” value=”1″>
<param name=”EnableUIMode” value=”DefaultUI”>
<param name=”Layout” value=”PAPERSPACE”>
<param name=”UserMode” value=”PAN”>
src=”Link to DWG”


I did edit some things and left much of the (what I deemed) unneeded things out.  Same results. Pretty white box with “Click here to activate control,” and nothing else.  I’m impressed! (I’m being sarcastic.) So even the solution in their KB article is useless. (I will keep working on the Embed and Object angles though if something turns up.)

  On the upside I now know how to embed a video in SharePoint, as I found out how to use the “Embed” tag from a site that describes in detail how to do so.  That site is here. This is something that I may keep handy for future reference if I ever want to embed a slideshow, or a flash object into our MOSS site, but right now I don’t have a need.  I’ll keep hunting.  And when I have an answer, you, my readers, will be the first to know.


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