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March 26, 2008

More on the SharePoint/DWG True View front

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Well, I was doing more research into this, while trying to find a downlaod of DWG True View 2009 to see if that would solve the problem.  While I was poking around I found Autodesk’s knowledge base for TrueView.  I found out some interesting information.

According to their knowledge base article here, it seems that for some reason Autodesk doesn’t think that you should hyperlink any of their files, but should rather embed them or insert them into the html code.   Again, we are limited by Autodesk’s narrow and selfish view of the internet world.  I’m still not anywhere closer to an answer, but I did find out that this problem has existed for quite some time in their software.  And the whole problem is that damned ActiveX control.  So that you all know, this has now become a pressing issue for us here as some of our users and clients have started to upload autocad files and I am starting to hear about the problems involved.  I have now devoted much of my focus to this problem, and I’m tempted to open a paid for support ticket with Autodesk.  The catch is that if I do, their solution has to solve my problem, and not be a hack workaround. (Give me a TrueView installer that doesn’t install that damned ActiveX, or tell me where I can turn it off in the setup.ini so that I can create a custom installer.)  If it doesn’t I will seriously want my money back.  So far I have been pretty patient on their forums, but I am quickly losing my patience, and although I don’t want to seem the type, I may have to resort to being rather rude and demanding.  Wish me luck. 


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