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February 26, 2008

Microsoft Office wierdness with Dual Authentication

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Had a wierd one show up today.  One of our clients was uploading information for us.  We use dual authentication where our clients and vendors use Form Based Authentication and all of our internal users authenticate off of the Active Directory.  Well, our client uploaded a word document, and then checked to make sure that everything worked the way it should.  It didn’t.  The word document she uploaded, when she tried to open it from SharePoint, only showed a page asking for log-in credentials, as though Word had stored the log-in page.  I found a temporary fix, but I would like something better. 

So basically, here’s what happened.  Our client, we’ll call her “Jane,” logged into our SharePoint site using her forms based authentication log in credentials, and it worked just fine.  She uploaded a few Adobe PDF files and they worked fine.  She uploaded a zip file or two and they worked fine.  Then she uploaded a Microsoft Word 2003 document.  We can open it just fine.  She can’t.  When she tries to open it, she gets all kinds of weirdness prompts like “would you like to make Word you default HTML editor?”  She better not be editing my SharePoint site, she doesn’t have the right permissions!  I did a quick scan of the Internet and found out that there is indeed some weirdness that would go on.  This is by design.  For the record, we do not have Windows Rights Management installed and working, and SSO is crippled.  It has not been an issue before now.  Apparently, SharePoint doesn’t pass it’s log in credentials to the office application when she tries to open the document, so the program is asking her to log in again.  I will get with one of our network guru’s later to see if SSO would in fact fix this.  In the meantime, any time one of our forms based authentication users logs in, they can check the box to have their computer remember them, and that should handle the issue, at least temporarily.  Apparently it is something about a cookie that gets set.  Hopefully we can find a solution where this won’t be an issue.  But it’s a passable workaround in the meantime.  It has so far worked for “Jane.”  Let’s hope it stays that way.P


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